The first appointment with Dr. Sterchi is 1.5 hours in length. During the first appointment your concerns and symptoms are discussed. Time is taken to hear the complaints you are experiencing, your medical history, to conduct a review of symptoms, to learn your goals of care, and to complete a urinalysis. If time permits, a screening physical exam is conducted. The second appointment is an hour in length to allow for completion of the screening physical exam and to discuss the treatment protocol. Typically, treatment is not prescribed until the second appointment to allow Dr. Sterchi time to review all of the information gathered from the first appointment and to create a personalized treatment protocol.

Follow up appointments are based on your needs. Typically, a follow up appointment will be scheduled one month following your second appointment to assess and modify treatment. These appointments range in time from 30 minutes to up to 60 minutes, depending upon the time required for you. Further follow up appointments are scheduled on an as needed basis.

Acute appointments, 15 minutes in length, are available for existing patients of the clinic.